4 thoughts on “Yulia is Free. I, for one, am happy for the appearance of this meme:

  1. elmer

    that’s fine, Roman, but give her a break, and remember that although the Orange Revolution didn’t quite work out, she was the firebrand who kept it going and enabled Yushchenko, in part, to get elected.

    And she was the one who kept Ukraine from freezing while yanusvoloch, yanukonvikt, and the rest of the lardass sovoks were nowhere to be found when the gas contract was being negotiated in 2009. In fact, Yushchenko torpedoed the possibility of a $285 price or thereabouts, solely because it cut Firtash out as a middleman, and Firtash had made a HUGE several million dollar payoff to Yushchenko’s brother, and gave jet rides to Yushchenko and his family to Belgium and elsewhere. Which is why Yushchenko supported not cutting out Firtash as a middleman.

    She also had the guts and the balls to stay in Ukraine when they were putting her through the stalinist show trial.


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