Zelensky: Ukraine working on dual citizenship reform

“We are happy that people are going [abroad] and gaining experience, but we also want our diaspora in the US to be able to return, and so we are working on a dual citizenship reform,” Zelensky said.

In the president’s opinion, in order to encourage Ukrainians to remain in the country or to return, Ukraine needs foreign investments and the creation of new jobs.

“One of the things that we are most proud of is Ukrainians and their intellectual level, but many of them are in other countries, including Canada, Poland and Germany. If they are leaving due to unemployment, we need investors to create jobs, so that Ukrainians will stay… Investors anywhere in the world always have two key questions: How is my money being protected, and who will do the work? We have an answer to the second question: There are many qualified people in Ukraine. But we need to give a decisive answer to the first question,” Zelensky remarked.

He pointed out that Ukraine’s current parliament has already passed around 80 laws to improve the investment climate during its first two and a half months.

The president also noted that Ukraine has a big privatization plan, and intends to destroy monopolies in the gas and distillery sectors.