Програма “Прямим текстом” — “Explicitly”

Episode on the station website can be found here.

@ 5:45 — the moderator asks whether the government is for the people or against the people, then we see several citizens talking about how difficult it is to live on a government pension.

@ 8:20 — the guy says the pension is fine, but the stores shouldn’t be raising prices.

@ 13:15 — the lady expresses a lot of ideas about government-enforced “fairness” in the pension system.

@ 16:30 — the guy points out that soon there will be more pensioners than tax payers. [FYI: Ukraine’s population is declining sharply]

@ 20:00 — Dr. Soskin names several big robberies of the Ukrainian population by their politicians, and about election fraud.

@ 32:10 — List of pensions. Who gets what.

. . . a long discussion about how (not if) the pension system should work.

@ 41:00 — Dr. Soskin shocks the host by noting a conversation with an American friend who suggested the right to bear arms for all Ukrainians.