П’ємонт #1 – Leopolis Jazz Fest | Львівська еротика | Дроздов пішов | Тютюн Козловського

New commentary vlog by my friend Andrii Drozda. At the end he talks about the tobacco factory in nearby Vynnyky.

I haven’t asked Andrii, but I have a couple of friend from Vynnyky who told me this:

* Kozlovski (spelling?) who is name and pictured in the video is either the owner or manager of the factory. He is extremely well liked in Vynnyky because he has taken care of everybody.

* The factory was recently search by the SBU. Also a convoy of trucks carrying about $3M of counterfeit cigarettes were seized. The British embassy wrote about the seizure on their FB page:

* There are a whole bunch of other companies in Lviv and Ukraine run by Kozlovki, including Avalon, a builder which buid some prominent residential buildings in Lviv.

* At 6:00, Andrii asks if the real owner of the factory doesn’t live in London. He doesn’t name who this might be, but apparently he makes an allusion to a current or former gangster named Yuri Federov, nicknamed “Youfa”, also nicknamed “musician” because he used to sing in a choir here in Lviv.