A once-pro-Russian blogger on his conversion to Ukrainian nationalism

Denis Kazanskiy, blogger, on current situation in Donetsk and Russian propaganda:

“No need to describe what happened in Donetsk on Monday because you’ll see this on youtube, on photos and in the newsreel for sure. I just want to say that now, after everything that happened in the last few days, I really believe that Russia always wanted to destroy Ukrainian nation, as Ukrainian Nationalists tell.

I had doubted this before. I have never believed before that Holodomor was an act of genocide against Ukrainians though I had a clear view why president Yushchenko supported such explanation. I had always been much more loyal to Russia than Ukrainian Nationalists. But now I know I was wrong, so thanks for the lesson.

After everything I have seen recently, I surely have no more doubts that Russia always tried to destroy our country in any possible way, starving us to death, exterminating and assimilating intentionally just for the fact that we are Ukrainians.

Now I have no doubts because I’ve seen with my own eyes how in Ukraine people have a risk to be killed for Ukrainian flags.

Now I understand how it was before, in 1930s, 40s and 50s in the USSR. I could not have imagined this before but now I’ve seen it myself.

Now I believe there was not a word of truth in Soviet history about the “banderas”. I have finally understood how they were made monsters and their reputation lied away because I have seen this real-life.

I see Russia lying today and understand they have always lied. Everything written about Ukraine in Russian books and shown in Russian movies is blatant lies and slander.

If internet age and access to any truthful information on the net don’t stop them from spreading such awful lies, imagine how it was in 1930s and 40s. By the way, ITAR-TASS have told about Ukrainian Nationalists having attacked the anti-Fascist demonstration in Donetsk”.