Another Twitter War with Putin Libertarians Scott Horton and Daniel McAdams

Look at this conversation. Read the thoughtful essay by a RUSSIAN libertarian which I originally posted. And then tell me that scott horton and Daniel mcadams aren’t traitors.

I tweeted that article of a Russian libertarian which Yuri sent to me to several American libertarians. (Scott Horton, James Corbett, Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo)

I did not send it to Daniel McAdams because I’ve come to believe the unbelievable — that he’s a conscious Kremlin agent who repeats Kremlin talking points NO MATTER WHAT. But he got wind of it from Scott Horton.

His reaction?
The article is “idiotic” and I’m “obsessed with Putin.”

What the hell is wrong with these people? It’s a thoughtful, analytic, heavily sourced article. Please read it yourselves and judge. Also, Doesn’t someone living in a country being invaded by Putin have the right to be a little obsessed?

I’m so mad. I can’t get over this betrayal.