Army Ranger School has a groundbreaking new graduate: Lisa Jaster, 37, engineer and mother

Off topic, but I want to share:

I call BS. Something changed about Ranger School, and it’s a huge loss.

In my Ranger Class (4-01/5-01), only one of the ten MEN over 30 years old completed the course. Older bodies just don’t recover as quickly. They just don’t. It has nothing to do with fitness. The one guy over thirty who made it was a 31 year old special forces staff sergeant — a soft spoken black guy. He looked like a zombie by the end of Florida phase. His immune system was going and his skin was covered in lesions. Huge heart. He toughed it out.

I remember him and his battle buddy, another SF sergeant, a short compact guy . . . McFee or something . . . were never more than arms length apart, looking out for each other. Great guys, both of them.

(Tragically, when I returned to duty in 2008, I bumped into McFee(?) at Bragg. I learned that his battle buddy, the only dude over 30 from my ranger class who made it, had the horrible distinction of being one of the first soldiers killed in an MRAP.)

“At graduation, Jaster will have spent 180 days in the course — far longer than the minimum 61 it takes, but within the realm of the possible for male or female students.” <---- this