DPR militant got disappointed in “Russian World” and surrendered to Ukrainian Army

My name is Maxim, I am resident of Mariupol. A friend of mine who is a resident of Russian Federation offered me to join militia of Donetsk People’s Republic and promised a salary of 1000 USD per month. He said that he spent a year as a militant in Motorolla’s group called “Sparta”… From Mariupol I came to Samara (Russia), from Samara to Rostov with a friend of mine. In Rostov at a bus station we met a person who was taking people to Donetsk (Ukraine). We got on a bus and there were also 2 Russian citizens with us. We had 850 Rubles, so we got to the border for 800 Rubles, at the border we were allowed to pass by and went to Donetsk to the bus station. At the bus station Russians took us to recruitment office by taxi. At the recruitment office in Donetsk we met with curators, they took us to military unit in Novoazovsk. At Novoazovsk we were just securing the territory of the military unit. Military commanders like Colonels from Russian Federation were coming there, Russians, and they were checking what is going on…

– Maxim, detained militant of DPR