Yuri Bezmenov Interview — (Judge Russia only by its actions, never by its words)

Starting with the Kremlin’s promise to respect Ukraine’s border in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear weapons, the words of Russia’s leaders are almost meaningless. They should be judged only by their actions.

You probably understand how the US is largely run by banking interests, and how some S. American and Arab countries are military dictatorships. Russia is a dictatorship of the intelligence service. I realized this only recently. The KGB-turned-FSB. Deception, demoralization, intimidation, bribery, assassination, infiltration of bureaucracies / media. This is Russia.

There is no organization in Russia — political, cultural, business over which they don’t have leverage. According to wikipedia statistics, there is an FSB employee for every 500 Russians. I’ve read elsewhere that there’s one for every 300 Russians.

Most of what they do is no fancy James Bond stuff. They just control the message.

See the famous Yuri Bezmenov interview below.


You can look back earlier in history too — the Treaty of Pereyaslav’s promise to respect sovereignty, Catherine the Great’s promise to Ukraine’s Kozaks that feudalism wouldn’t be imposed.


Yuri was a propaganda agent with Novosti (journalism branch of KGB).

20:00 – Importance of not being scared of KGB Agents.

32:30 – disdain for the useful idiots who supported the Soviet Union.

42:00 – reluctance of journalists to believe the truth, deviate from party line.

46:00 – Staged wedding full of agents.

49:30 – More on useful idiots.

50:00 – On Maharishi’s movement.

53:00 – demoralization.

54:30 – Long lists of opinion makers . . . . how Viet Cong so quickly knew who to kill.

57:40 – Focus on conservatives and crooks. Leftists will become betrayed enemies.

1:01:00 – India was not a grass roots Muslim revolution, but a KGB orchestration.

1:07:30 – Changing Reality so that even when confronted with evidence they maintain their beliefs. Four stages:
1. Demoralization (one generation)
2. Destabilization (2-5 years)
3. Crisis (6 weeks or less)
4. Normalization (indefinite)

1:17:30 – Ideological subversion & active measures.

1:18:20 – US must stop supporting communists. Grain deals.