Mykola Voronyn Interview

Some highlights from this interview with cyborg Mykola Voronin
1. “The best psychologist for a soldier returning from the front is that soldier’s wife.”
2. The interrogation of prisoners secures a wealth of information, but the military command is slow to capitalize on it.
3. Voronin can’t imagine why the government insists on honouring the ceasefire, given what we know about life in the occupied territories. We should be issuing ultimatums to the terrorists. Anyone who has stayed there has been a traitor to Ukraine.
4. We want them to leave before we attack because we don’t want them or their children to become civilian casualties when we do attack.
5. Those who do come to us seeking to leave and asking for our help, we help them in any way that we can. It takes them two or three days to realize that we are not the animals that the propaganda of the terrorists have made us out to be.
6. He says he is defending Ukraine because he does not want the DNR and LNR to spread to other parts of Ukraine.