Pervasive Corruption in Ukraine’s Gun Market

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In informal conversations gunsmiths say blame bureaucracy and corruption in the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense, which “eats” the lion’s share price and which do not feed on clean hands officials. It is close to the law enforcement bodies intermediary companies, which are essentially just make that transporting weapons from one point to another, and is one of the main reasons why the price tags in stores Ukrainian weapons has got zero.

Illegal weapons

However, such schemes, experts say, nothing good except profit for intermediaries and arms dealers are not brought. In contrast, only even more revived the “black” market weapons. After all, the gray market, like military Kalashnikov can be purchased for $ 500, which is two times cheaper than in licensed stores. A military conflict in the Donbas enables to provide weapons everyone.

Since the start of the antiterrorist operation in the east of the country, the demand for firearms the “black” market grew almost threefold. Estimates from the zone ATO taken at least 50 thousand units of various kinds of small arms.

Where is primarily going to buy weapons cornered Ukrainian pricing can be seen by comparing the official data of the Interior Ministry and NGOs. Law enforcement officials say that today in Ukraine, more than 650 thousand gun owners, which in the hands of 850 thousand “barrels”. But according to the Swiss arms Small Arms Survey project, the illegal weapons in Ukraine amounted to almost 6 million. Units.

The war business

The fact that the state has long arms nachhala on the market within the country and suggests its defense policy over the past 15 years. After all this time Ukraine for their own needs nothing developed and not produced. 98% MIC Ukraine worked for export. Here powers saw the main income for themselves.