Pint-sized Putin tells women to ‘squat down’ so he doesn’t look too short in photo

To celebrate the global event a selection of short women were invited to the Kremlin in Moscow to meet with Vladimir for a photo opportunity.

However the President’s cronies forgot to tell the women not to wear heels and as a result Putin’s tiny stature was highlighted for all to see.

Standing only at about 5ft 6inches the pint-sized President was left red-faced as he was dwarfed by the women – many of whom were wearing heels.

Officials had forgotten to tell those attending that they could only be photographed with the President if they were wearing flat shoes.

An insider said: “The President of Russia Vladimir Putin traditionally invites a selection of Russian women to congratulate them on International Women’s Day.

“Fourteen women were selected and invited to the Kremlin to take part in the official meeting with president. And in line with Kremlin rules, no one can be taller than he is to avoid causing embarrassment in pictures and video.

“That’s why his bodyguards are always shorter then he is, to give the impression Putin is a tall person.”

Putin is believed to be somewhere between 165-170cm but hides the fact well by making sure he is only photographed with people smaller than he is.

The insider added: “They were told to try and squat down a little bit during the official photo session.”