Principled vs Practical Libertarians re Ukraine & Russia

I think a lot of the Putin-apologists are trying to have it both ways.
Regarding the American military, they pretend to be super principled non-intervention (even if intervention happens on behalf of property rights).
But if you’re principled you’re opposed to ALL aggression, not just American aggression.

The minute I point out what’s happening here, they abandon their principles and switch to pragmatic arguments — oh, it’s too far, too confusing, none of our business.

You can either be principles or pragmatic, but you’re a hypocrite if you take one position in one place and another in another place.

The principled position on Ukraine is to condemn Russia’s invasion, torture, mass murder, crack down on press freedom, intimidation of civil society.

The practical position (from the point of view of Ukraine) is to get help where ever we can, because we’re struggling for survival.

I have NOT advocated that anybody help us, mind you. I have only advocated an accurate portrayal of what’s happening here.