Putin fires 12 high-ranking generals

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed 12 high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM).

As reported on the official information portal, those who lost their positions include Vladimir Artamonov, deputy minister of civil defense and emergency situations, and Rim Gabluddin, colonel of justice and first deputy head of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Republic of Bashkortostan. Yuriy Rykov, Prosecutor General for the Kostroma region, also lost his position.

Others who were dismissed include general-major Sergey Vorontsov, deputy head of EMERCOM, Alexey Evdokimov, head of the investigative committee on the Ulyanovsk region, as well as general-lieutenant Grigory Zheludov, head of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Perm Krai.