Right Sector Leader Yarosh severely wounded

“Yarosh’s car was hit thrice. The fact that all people are alive is a miracle, the hand of God. As for the car, very little remained of it. Yarosh’s right arm is severely injured, he lost much blood, his head, face and neck also got injured.”

“It is nothing but a betrayal, and it is the main headquarters that have a hand in it. This is the fault of traitors among generals, top officials in ruling upper circles. President Poroshenko and Prime Minister are also traitors who are building their own happy future on the spilled blood. Poroshenko’s companies are still operating in Russia… Sorry, but it is the truth. This is the trade on Ukrainians’ blood. Here is Yarosh’s blood, my blood, our brothers’ blood,” ‘Anarchist’ stresses.

“Yarosh remained absolutely cool. The first thing he asked about after the incident was whether somebody else was injured. He also asked where his sub-machine gun was and whether he would be able to shoot. I was singing Ukrainian songs so that he didn’t lose consciousness and he was singing along as well,” the fighter said.