Russification of education in Crimea

The Ukrainian MFA expresses its categorical protest in light of the actions of the Russian side, directed at the overt destruction of the educational system in the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

“Numerous petitions from the citizens, signals of international rights protection organisations, the indignation of parents, teachers and students, are being ignored by the Russian side. By means of pressuring and scaring, the violent russification of multinational Crimea is underway. The intention of the occupational government to turn a unique educational institution – the only Ukrainian-language gymnasium in Simferopol – into a Russian-language one is especially appalling,” says the statement of the MFA.

The MFA reminds that in accordance with the Law of Ukraine (April 15th, 2014) “Regarding the provision of rights and freedoms of citizens and the legislative order on temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine” the responsibility for violation of rights and freedoms of people, as defined by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, on temporarily occupied territory, lies on the Russian Federation as the occupant state according to the norms and principles of international legislation.

“In light of this, we are calling on the Russian side for civil and respectable regard for culturally-historical, ethnic, civilised achievements of this ancient land and demand not to violate the rights of every one of its citizens to education in their mother tongue. On May 30th an official note of protest regarding this, penned by the Ukrainian MFA, was sent to the Russian MFA,” noted the Ministry.