Six Donetsk Residents Kidnapped by Separatists

This on its website reports the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine.

“How to tell the head of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine Mikhail bagpipes, separatists in camouflage and masks broke into the house to them,” – said in a statement.

Among the enthusiastic – miner from the mine “Russia”, a member NPHU Alexander Wolf, businessman Konstantin Museyko Igor Bratus, whose wife is a member of the Party of Regions and supports the unity of the country, a member of the same party Valery Pavlik miner Gurov and citizen Bubych.


@olliecarroll 1h

I met 1 of the seized Donetsk miners a week ago. He’s practically a pensioner. Repts say when released he “showed signs of torture”. Awful.