Some Headlines — the Market and the State

Ukraine’s government to oblige grain traders to finance grain production

How to make money under the radar of the oligarchs

American wins $9.5 million claim in dispute that started in 1996 A World Bank arbitration tribunal ordered Ukraine to pay $9.5 million in damages to an American businessman, marking a rare victory for foreign investors who have long received shabby treatment.

World Bank criticizing grain export quota system in Ukraine

According to foreign reports, Dirar Abu Sisi, formerly a high-ranking engineer at Gaza’s electric company and power station, was abducted by Israeli security forces after boarding a train in the eastern Ukraine city of Kharkiv heading for Kiev.

Consumer confidence slips as Ukrainian pessimism deepens

Investment Opportunities Experts agree that deregulation, decreasing the number of licenses and permits and the appearance of political stability are considered positive signs for attracting much-needed foreign investment into the country. It is all the more bizarre that the government would at the same time bar major foreign telecommunication giants from taking part in privatizing the state fixed-line telephone monopoly Ukrtelecom, or continuously pressure foreign players on the grain market, proposing a draft law nearly imposing a state monopoly on grain exports.

Ukraine designates Rodovid as ‘bad asset bank’ Ukraine will move bad assets from three nationalised banks into one of them, Rodovid, to revive others, the Finance Ministry said on Friday, a move towards making good on its commitments under an IMF bailout. Ukraine has pledged to sort out problems in the banking sector under the $15 billion programme that it agreed with the International Monetary Fund last July. The Fund has delayed the next $1.6 billion disbursement under the programme after Ukraine missed a deadline on implementing a pension reform and sought to soften a planned energy price hike for consumers.

Dnipropetrovsk entrepreneurs to send ‘diet social package’ to Azarov