Trump appoints Stephen Bannon as senior counselor

Stephen Bannon as senior counselor

Here he is speaking in 2014 about Russia’s aggression toward the Ukraine––Bannon felt that President Obama wasn’t doing enough to counter the rival power:

The Russians are very serious about this. They’re not going to let Ukraine fall into the sphere of the United States and the European Union without a fight. And we’re going to see in a couple weeks what they’re prepared to do about it and what we’re prepared to do. And I think it’s very scary, whether you’re a liberal Democrat or a right-win Republican, the president has not comported himself with the gravitas you need when you’re up against really tough hombres like Vladamir Putin and his guys. I think it’s going to get a lot more serious before it gets better.

What he said over the last couple days is really quite infantile… It’s very ironic this happens in the same weak Obama’s Secretary of Defense is going to cut the army to less than World War II levels… They’re out to cut America’s core strength. And part of that core strength is our military apparatus. And they’re doing everything possible to make the military weaker. We’re going to start to see the payoff for that in places like Ukraine when the Soviets can have force projection and we’re sitting there basically hapless: we don’t have the political will; we don’t have the leadership; and we don’t have the military force projection to really do anything, we have to stand by helplessly.

This seems to be an earnest expression of alarm at an American president who, in Bannon’s eyes, possesses neither the knowledge nor the inclination to aggressively counter Russia. Bannon felt an assertion of American strength was geopolitically important.

7 thoughts on “Trump appoints Stephen Bannon as senior counselor

  1. walt

    Good reporting. I am no fan of Bannon and the Beightbart crowd. Bannon has been getting a lot of bad publicity last couple of days, nazi, anti-semitic etc., apparently a main sponsor of his is an orthodox Jew. This Atlantic article shows signs of hope, but the Breigthbart commentators are way out in alt right field.

    Here is an anti- NATO non-sense type comment similar to Ramz Paul comment you re-tweeted the other day comment from the alt-right V dare;
    “Please no. Bolton already tried to get Trump to restart tensions with Russia”

    Check out in this link, the responses from V Dare twitters, not much smarter.
    “ …

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      FYI: A couple years ago, the editor of V Dare personally reached out to me to ask for a column about Ukraine because he recognized the bias of his own magazine.

  2. walt

    That v Dare link to Breightbart is a MUST LISTEN to conversation between Bannon And Bolton.
    Bannon correctly states that western European NATO forces are not responsible and Bolton comes back with many good points.

    Ironically, if Trump keeps his word of supporting only NATO members who pull their weight, than this bodes well for eastern European NATO. Western Europeans are whores, who won’t defend their own mother.

    Scroll down in link to isten to interview;

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      Great Interview. Thanks for the link.

      Having the Intermarrium (Baltic-Black Sea alliance) become more responsible for their defense is a good thing in the long run. Hopefully, Trump insistence that NATO members pull their weight will help it emerge.

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      The radical and uncompromising SWJ wing of the left will it make it very difficult for them to reform and regroup.


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