Story about foreign fighters in Ukraine

I’ve met Eriksson. Great guy. He’s also an amateur kick boxer and a software entrepreneur.

For most of these men, integration in the civilian world was difficult before coming to Ukraine and the question of what they will do after the war is one left answered. But when on the frontline, they are content to fight.

Eriksson originally came for his politics, to fight Russia and defend Europe, but stayed for the friendship and excitement of the front. “It’s the friends, you know, coming back to the Greek and other guys I love. I love those guys. Also, you feel like you’re a traitor if you don’t take part in the fight. It would be like you’re at home just as ‘The Greek’ said, ‘living my white middle class life,’ you know. So that feels also like I want to do something. But it’s also because you get hooked on it, you get hooked on the adrenaline and stuff, and it’s a good life.”