Tax protest of western Ukrainian government(?)


Apparently, many Western Ukrainian mayors and university rectors have officially supported the protests. This gives them skin the game. If the revolution fails, they’ll all end up in prison.

Prime minister Azarov has said that because of this, Western Ukraine won’t get its share of funding. (In Ukraine, finances are centralized.) There have been retorts of western officials telling Azarov to go to hell. They say they’ll stop paying taxes.

If this revolution does lead to secession, Western Ukraine will become a shining beacon of civilization for the east, and the people of the east will eventually want to throw off their oppressors as establish a system of property rights which will have formed in the West.

Right now in the west, including in the Carpathians, there is a plague of small businesses getting raided and taken over by gangsters from the Donbass basin.

Edit: The protestors have two weapons —

1) creating an international outcry to isolate the government.
2) tax protests / general strikes

The establishment has one major weapon —

1) violence