Trump and Ukraine (summary)

Once again, summarizing my support of Trump:

– Trumps ties to Russia, while troubling were extremely overblown by a media establishment willing to say anything to undermine him. Clinton’s ties (bill’s Moscow Speech, the Uranium deal, etc) seemed comparable to Trumps.

– I suspect the Kremlin expected a Clinton victory and wanted to ally with the opposition to a weakened president Clinton. I think they’ve painted themselves into a corner rhetorically and will have an extremely difficult time countenancing a strength that the Trump administration projects. Russia is weak in peace and weak in war. So they’re always striving for something in between — where they will break the rules and other countries will follow them.

– There are also people in the Trump administration who get Russia. The most insightful, concise, accurate assessment of Russia I’ve heard from DC came from our new Sec Def, General Mattis:

The best non-concise analysis is Heritage Foundation: U.S. Comprehensive Strategy Toward Russia, and (ehem, ehem) these two essays aren’t bad either.

– Has Obama/Clinton helped Ukraine? They’ve been weak and aimless and enabled Russian aggression.

More of my ongoing commentary about Trump and Ukraine: