Ukrainian soldier run over by a tank talks about his gruesome experiences (March)

– Not firing back against enemy artillery attacked.
– Attacked from all sides, surrounded.
– Witnessed separatists fighting amongst themselves.
– Tank, infantry attack against them. Low visibility.
– RPG and grenade launchers disabled one enemy tank.
– Low Ukrainian morale.
– Close encounter with tank.
– He was the only commander, it seems.
– The Russians shot at their own soldier when Ukrainians forced them to retreat.
– Ukrainians took one Russian take the first day — Russian uniforms and Russian documents.
– Russian artillery shelled an area very heavily, perhaps believing (mistakenly) that they were clearing a mine field.
– Russian tank drove half-through a trench to kill the Ukrainian troops inside. Four were crushed. This soldier being interviewed was also run over.
– Tank which ran him over was disabled. He lay under the tank for over an hour.
– Captain ordered of retreat.
– Reinforcements arrived. Pulled tank off soldier.
– Russian tank driver was also alive. Ukrainians wanted to kill him, but weren’t allowed. He had Russian documents on him.
– Interviewer has N American diaspora accent.
– He believes infantry is mostly locals, but heavy equipment is professional Russian military.
– Enemy also fired Smerch rockets.
– Their losses far greater than ours.
– Our equipment is very old. Soviet era.
– Volunteers helped a lot with food and other supplies — shovels, communications, axes.