Well Known Russian Troll plays Polish Nazi for Russian TV

(Thanks for the story, Walt.)

The Russians need Nazis. Without Nazis, they have no identity unifying all those disparate people.

Must see ruSSian video of a Polish guy in Moscow ticking off the moscaliha and saying the Poles will exterminate ruSSians if they attack Poland. He is verbally attacked by a whole group of ruSSians.

BUT! BUT! BUT! in Poland he runs a pro-moscow site, here is his facebook page for the kremlin propoganda site;

Here is an excerpt from a Polish news source, ( https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pl&u=http://www.fakt.pl/swiat/polski-dziennikarz-jakub-korejba-wyrzucony-z-rosyjskiej-telewizji,artykuly,623731.html&prev=search )