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Trump, Poroshenko Discuss Ukraine Conflict, Call for Truce

President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart discussed concerns about an escalation in fighting in eastern Ukraine and talked about bolstering the strategic partnership between their countries, according to a readout of the conversation.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called for boosting dialogue and economic ties with the U.S. and discussed a potential visit to Washington, Svyatoslav Tsegolko, Poroshenko’s press secretary, said in a Facebook post.

In a summary, the White House said Trump had a “very good call” with Poroshenko that included a discussion of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. “We will work with Ukraine, Russia and all other parties involved to help them restore peace along the border,” Trump said.

It was Trump’s second call to a world leader on Saturday after he earlier spoke with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni and agreed to attend the G-7 Summit in Taormina, Italy, in May.

My son had a rough day

My 10 months old son had a difficult day last Sunday. First he fell (nothing serious), then he bit down too hard on one of his toys, then he bonked himself in the head with the spoon which we have him as consolation. ( He sometimes prefers dinnerware to toys.)

On Monday, he woke up with a very serious demeanor. I imagined him to be contemplating the years ahead together with his discovery of how cruel unforgiving the world can be. To the surprise of my wife and I, his air of seriousness did not abate. He took no solace in toys or baby sounds.

Only in the evening, did bath-time finally break the spell, and he again started smiling and laughing.

Treasury loosens restrictions on Russia’s FSB as Spicer denies it’s a sanction reduction

A new Treasury Department regulation would allow information-technology exports to Russia’s intelligence agency, a move the White House spokesman denied was tied to a loosening of sanctions against the country.

The U.S.’s Office of Foreign Asset Control, in what’s called a general license, said it will now permit IT exports to the FSB — a successor organization to the KGB identified in English as the Federal Security Service — that don’t exceed $5,000 per year. Exports still aren’t allowed to the Crimea region of Ukraine, which Russia has claimed as its own.

Treasury didn’t immediately offer a comment, but White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the move did not signal an easing of sanctions against the country. “We are not easing sanctions against Russia,” Spicer said.

He said the Treasury Department often goes back and carves out certain industries. “It is a regular course of action that Treasury does quite often when there are sanctions imposed.”

Why Avdiivka is the most vulnerable spot for the Russian-separatist army in Ukraine

At least 11 Ukrainian soldiers are reported to have died repelling the deadliest yet 2017 attack from combined Russian-separatist forces in the east Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, which started on 29 January 2017. The land assault was accompanied by Grad missile salvos, which have left the 16,000 inhabitants of Avdiivka without heat, water, and electricity, while temperatures outside reach -18°C during the night.

For two days in a row Russian hybrid army has been massively shelling #Avdiivka

For two days in a row Russian hybrid army has been massively shelling #Avdiivka in violation of the Minsk agreements. Russian forces have been using cannon artillery, mortars and MLRSs. Eyewitnesses upload and share videos that show BM-21 #Grad MLRS rockets launching from the area in close proximity to dense residential communities of #Donetsk. Occupation troops resort to their usual human shield tactics fully aware that Ukrainian Army would not strike back with artillery if this endangers residential areas. #russianaggression

Trump and Ukraine (summary)

Once again, summarizing my support of Trump:

– Trumps ties to Russia, while troubling were extremely overblown by a media establishment willing to say anything to undermine him. Clinton’s ties (bill’s Moscow Speech, the Uranium deal, etc) seemed comparable to Trumps.

– I suspect the Kremlin expected a Clinton victory and wanted to ally with the opposition to a weakened president Clinton. I think they’ve painted themselves into a corner rhetorically and will have an extremely difficult time countenancing a strength that the Trump administration projects. Russia is weak in peace and weak in war. So they’re always striving for something in between — where they will break the rules and other countries will follow them.

– There are also people in the Trump administration who get Russia. The most insightful, concise, accurate assessment of Russia I’ve heard from DC came from our new Sec Def, General Mattis:

The best non-concise analysis is Heritage Foundation: U.S. Comprehensive Strategy Toward Russia, and (ehem, ehem) these two essays aren’t bad either.

– Has Obama/Clinton helped Ukraine? They’ve been weak and aimless and enabled Russian aggression.

More of my ongoing commentary about Trump and Ukraine:

Joke: Two Hutsuls in the Carpathian mountains

Ukrainian Joke:

Two Hutsul in the Carpathian mountains were approached by a tourist.

Do you speak English?  The tourist asked.

The Hutsuls, shook their heads.

Parlez vous Francais?

They shook their heads.

sprechen ze Deutch?

They shook their heads.


They shook their heads.

The tourist, dejected, walked away.

“Hey Ivan,” one of the Hutsuls tells the other, “do you think we should maybe learn some foreign languages?”

“What for?” says the other, “you see how many languages that guy spoke, and it didn’t help him.”

Mad Dog Mattis groks Russia!


* Russians see western law-abidingness as an exploitable weakness.

* They function by making threats, and getting others to back down.

* They consider democracy and prosperity on their boarders to be a threat.

* They try to secure themselves by sowing chaos and instability.

* Rampant alcoholism and abortion-as-birthcontrol – they’re already off the demographic cliff. (In sharp constrast to all the “traditionalist brotherhood” propaganda.)

* Most jihadists of any non-Middle East country.

* Real possibility of fracturing. (As was also concluded by Stratfor.)

* They’ve threatened Nuclear War against the US (and Poland and others).

Boys from Banderstadt

Awesome Ukrainian cadence — Boys from Banderstadt

The original song came of Ukraine’s iconic rock band “Brativ Hadiukinyx,” which ofted did satirical rock and roll.

This particular song, which has been re-made into a cadence jokes about how Russia always calls Ukrainians fascist followers of Bandera.

Some of the lyrics herein which are sung very aggressively and menacingly translate as: “We are boys from Baderstadt. We go to church and respect our parents.”