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Research: 13% of Russians use cryptocurrencies as an alternative for online purchases

A recent poll that was conducted on 924 residents of the Russian Federation showed the following:

13 percent of Russians use cryptocurrencies to pay for items they buy on the internet.
18 percent of respondents said they are using peer-to-peer mobile payment systems
38 percent are regularly making payments through contactless applications such as Paypass, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay
48 percent have a mobile bank account
76 percent have stated they use electronic wallets to buy goods and services

Now we know: Democratic Operatives did fake “Russian Bots” to discredit Republicans

Democrats CAUGHT In Russian Bot “False Flag” Smear Campaign in the Alabama special election. A group called new Knowledge is claiming that the admitted false flag against Republicans was just a small experiment. They were responsible for a mas amount of presumably Russian bots following the Roy Moore campaign on Twitter to trick people into thinking the Russians were propping him up. National media fell for the ruse and the narrative went viral. Left wing writers mocked the Moore campaign for suggesting this was a democratic ploy to smear him. We now know it was. They can claim it was an experiment but this reeks of democratic operatives serving engaging in a political con job and may have actually swung an election.

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I had another discussion about the Russia-Trump thing today

Look, the media has lost all its credibility. They will say anything and everything to discredit Trump. It’s comical:

video summary:

18 Most Mortifying Media Moments of 2018

My position was and remains:

The Clintons seem to have more troubling relationships with Russian than Trump. (Bill’s half million dollar speech, the Uranium One deal, Podesta owning stock in a Russian energy company.)

Trump’s things does not really seem to exist.

Trump gave Ukraine real material support which Obama did not.

Ukraine refuses to sign UN Migration Pact

The press service of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Ukraine refused to sign the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).

The decision was made because of the annexation of the Crimea by Russia and the fighting in the Donbas, as a result of which there are 1.5 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian side is making every effort to ensure the rights and meet the needs of internally displaced persons, but there is still a lot of work ahead that requires considerable material and financial resources. Having in mind the above, Ukraine will consider joining the World Pact for safe, orderly and legal migration at another stage under favorable conditions, “- said the Foreign Ministry.

Fatherhood moments

Morning. Just waking up. At Danny’s bed I ask him, as I often do, “How did you sleep?” He answered me one morning, “No, how did YOU sleep?”


His mother has started taking him to football (soccer) practice. It’s really basic stuff for 3-4 year olds. Danylo isn’t 3 yet. He seems to be youngest and smallest, but he holds his own. He dutifully follows the trainers’ instructions. The boys who can’t control themselves get removed from practice. Danylo loves it, and looks forward to it every time.

They learn one English word per training, and have to shout it at the end. Danylo seems to yell the loudest.


During his Helen Doron English classes, he will sometimes tell the teacher the wrong name of a color when she quizzes him. Then he looks at her and waits for a reaction. Judging by his laughter, he seems to be doing it on purpose.

Vasiliy Lomachenko overwhelms José Pedraza late to unify lightweight titles

On a night when Vasiliy Lomachenko did not appear at his imperious best, the sport’s most technically proficient fighter was more than brilliant enough to come through with a sensational finishing kick to unify lightweight titles and bolster an already persuasive claim for the No 1 spot in boxing’s pound-for-pound pecking order.

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Of course, if there’s a dissenting political movement in the West, there are Russian agents

Russian Donetsk agents propaganda photo during yellow vest protests

kind of like this:

In the famous “Deception was my job” interviews of ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov ( he talks about he was even tasks to infiltrate the Transcendental Mediation movement in California because Moscow thought it might be useful to have influence for it.