Auto Maidam Leader Found Beaten but Alive after 8 Days

I spoke with someone just yesterday who was involved with Auto-Maidan. They’d drive to different cities, hold rallies and distribute leaflets. Last week, they were ambushed by the Berkut riot police. Cars were smashed, destroyed. Participants beaten. The guy I spoke with was able to escape.

One thought on “Auto Maidam Leader Found Beaten but Alive after 8 Days

  1. Ed K


    You tweeted that you are stuck in Kiev without cloths?

    Bit cold to dance with the ladies you run around Kiev
    without tops, yes?

    Do we need to implement extraction from Kiev? New
    Jersey has contact in Kiev.

    Do you have contact with Elmer? Get us his physical address
    and we will dispatch parcel with winter garments via courier.
    Do you need boots? How about G. I. issue type with wool

    Are you hiding in American Embassy?

    I have pointed out to you that you are not as young as
    you dream. Grasp that you are over hill guy and do not
    need to be found in ditch or woods.

    Yanukovich has intimated that he will not resign even if war
    breaks out.

    “A great economic storm is rapidly approaching, and most
    people don’t even seem to notice the storm clouds that are
    gathering on the horizon.” by Michael Snyder


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