Back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

First training in Ukraine! The new BJJ club is right near my place. Also, beside a grocery. Now I’m eating my bodyweight in fresh cherries.

4 thoughts on “Back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  1. Ed K

    As I have said before, you are cherry
    picking your post…

    There you sit in Kiev, while a real fight for
    freedom goes on here. Can it be thought
    that cherry pickers avoid the real issues?

    As I am told and believe there is still small
    hope for freedom in USA. But cherry pickers
    will not take public issue with John McCain’s
    recent comments about sending troups to Syria.
    So much for alledged anti war commentators…

    Where is the reply to McCain? Where is the
    voice of good reason in Iowa?

    If the absurd remarks are not coming from
    Obama, then McCain picks …

    Kiev is not Iowa, and no comments are coming
    from the corn fields… Humpf!

    A great pity…

    Ed K

    1. Roman

      Politicians are, for the most part, psychopaths and criminals. They are people too stupid, lazy and cowardly to function in voluntary society. They do not deserve the honor of always being the center of attention.

  2. Ed K

    It was said, “Politicians are, for the most part,
    psychopaths and criminals.”

    When we use inclusive language we diminish
    worthy exceptions. Are you saying Ron Paul
    is a psychopath? Is Rand Paul a criminal?

    I suggest that you are limiting your exposure
    to the negative and evil.

    Consider that you are suffering from post
    combat stress?

    I have personally known many politicians at
    local level. Yes a few are sick, smoke post,
    and deceive others.

    However, I personally know some who qualify
    as politicians who serve at local, state and
    national level. And they are good people,
    able people.

    You need to come back to USA and meet
    other Americans. I know a politican on national
    level who has announced that will observe two
    terms in U. S. Senate. He claims he is not a
    politician. He peddles his books at events. If
    you come back and to Greenville, South Carolina
    I will try to get him to meet you. He states that
    he wants to return to his business.

    Unlike you he got involved and to his
    dismay won elections.

    I am sorry your mental health has deteriorated
    to the above statement.

    You have achieved much, but you need to
    overcome your fears and climb a higher mountain.
    You are too young to allow such negativity to
    rule your life.

    Remember to try to make statements and support
    your opinions with good reason. Add value to

    “Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward;
    you can only connect them looking backwards. So
    you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect
    in your future. You have to trust in something – your
    gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has
    never let me down, and it has made all the difference
    in my life.” by Steve Jobs

    Ed K

    1. Roman

      H.L. Mencken described politicians as “men who, at some time or other, have compromised with their honour, either by swallowing their convictions or by whooping for what they believe to be untrue.”

      “Vanity remains to him,” Mencken wrote, “but not pride.”

      Here’s Doug French’s article: What Kind of Person Runs for Public Office?

      No, they are not all bad. The good ones either quit, suffer disillusionment, or turn rotten.

      Freedom will not come until we stop looking to these people for salvation. We should turn our back on them.


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