Beauty in Ukraine

From my good friend Curt:


10 Reasons Why Ukrainian Women Are Beautiful:

1) Women neither believe they are inferior nor feel afraid. Men are just strong gorillas that need to be kept as properly trained pets through careful management, just like children. Women are not weak. They are not afraid. They are not oppressed. They are powerful and they act like it.

2) Women do not deny their emotions, but they also do not treat them as ‘truths’. They are physical manifestations that must be exorcised and ‘put’ somewhere so that rational thought can prevail. Western women, as a charter from the feminist movement, have adopted the posture that their emotions are both rational, justified, and often, the source of truth. (Which is my only explanation for why so many western women are literally both miserable and ‘crazy’.) Women are confident because of this. They do not fight with themselves or doubt themselves. They are not in conflict. They just experience the emotion. Exorcize it. and move on.

This has an interesting effect on relationships here. Men are more understanding because they can separate the irrational and emotional reactions of women from the rational – providing comfort or acquiescence in the first, and friendship in the second. It’s accomplishing what western women desire, but through natural means rather than attempting to create a gender free society and denying our differences.

3) Classes are evident but class signaling is not. You dont’ signal what you ‘are’ as much as what you either ‘have’ or ‘have control of’. This creates a very interpersonally open society. (friendly and calm.)

4) Women dress to kill. This is because they (correctly) understand the power women have to wield, and that in an world where violence is no longer a currency, it may be true that men will hold the top positions due to loyalty and specialization, but that women will hold MOST positions because in a clerical economy, few if any positions require strength or violence. Even if they are poor, they dress well, and they are confident.

5) The Sport-Look (clothes that allow you to be fat), and the Brittany-tramp look (close that are sport-sexy for when you aren’t fat) and the masculine-look (close that signal you can play in a man’s office world) don’t exist here (yet). That would be sacrificing feminine power.

6) Women have relaxed faces. I don’t now if it’s a holdover from Serfdom, or from Communism, or if it’s biological, but if your face isn’t all that expressive, and you are more expressive with your body language than your face, you will look more peaceful and elegant. And the women look peaceful and elegant. (Well, aside from the shambling little babushkas that still show up now and then.)

7) Long headed slavic tribe’s jaws are narrow which increases femininity and accentuates the size of eyes. There are round heads here too. And round heads with asian influences. But the tall thin fine featured women are a definite gene pool.

8) They walk a lot. Cars and gas are expensive. The subway costs about a quarter (23 cents or so.) It’s safe to walk outside. Even in absurd heels.

9) Women will not tolerate being fat any more than they will tolerate dressing poorly. Seriously. Four random women in any given restaurant here look like they’re out for auditions or photo shoots. You can tell the Americans by who is loud and dresses badly. (Guilty of the second but not the first.)
And they are happy, friendly, and rational. It’s easier to be happy when you love yourself. And its easier to love yourself when you feel beautiful.

10) Women choose to be beautiful. In reality, Ukraine is a melting pot of many different tribes, high middle and low germans, celts, scandinavians, poles, russians, czechs, and a mix of the south slavic peoples too (although I can’t identify them yet.) . … the list goes on. And the women aren’t, at least numerically, physically different from any other european country. But its our actions that determine our appearance. One can cultivate it or ignore it.

Beauty is a record of good choices. :)