Bill Whittle remind us who the communists were & what the Russians still honor

Thank you! @BillWhittle for telling the history so many have attempted to santize: What the commies did to my people.


  1. Beauregard

    Why does it sound like what I have said on this forum?

    Why does it sound like what I have said elsewhere for years?

    This was great find except a sad and chilling find.

    ——————- // ————————-

    The End?

  2. walt

    Please see this currently important and hot topic video,

    The link below is a 3 part interview. Please watch the second video after 3:10 mark, were a former etnic German, now convert to Islam talks about how We (Isis) will kill 500 million if we have too and we will invade Europe too.

    These 3 part videos interview were base out of Iraq in the middle of Isis territory

    The 3 minute mark of the second vidoe needs to be captured and broadcast. The communist, the Islamist and the western all agree, The problem of the world is the white Christian, heterosexual Western male, with sociable manners.

    I read but don’t belong to twitter and think this needs to be spread.

    The recent attacks in France for example, along with the PC gestapo is leading the west to suicide. So, the problem is not so much Putin or Isis or cop assasins as it is the passivity of the west.


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