BJJ & MMA in Lviv

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is exploding all over L’viv. A couple months ago, I started training again at my friend Oleh’s new club. We are now at capacity. I know of a second club that opened in L’viv. I trained there once to meet the guys. They haven’t even finished renovations and they’re also at capacity.

A few of my training partners compete in MMA. Here are some pictures from a recent fight:


I love it. I love the culture, the competition, the toughness and pride that it gives to young people.


Edit: Found this video of the fight —


3 thoughts on “BJJ & MMA in Lviv

  1. Ed K

    Then you need to talk to my friend Alex.

    When I first met Alex he had all his teeth.

    And now he is too stubborn to get dentures…

    No, toughness is in finding a women and having a family of crumb snatchers…

    You say that cannot figure out what I mean. You posted the
    YouTube of the guy with the Roman collar and purple shash.
    I guess you did not grasp what he said.

    Bye the way you have not edited that first page on that site.

    You tried to walk away from your track record of achievements is
    what I am telling you. Then you accidentally posted some items
    that reflect your inner self.

    So, you learned first hand what Eisenhower warned about in his
    fair well address.

    Understand you have the ability to do something about
    Eisenhower’s admonition, yes?

    Never be afraid to try something
    new… remember…amateurs built
    the ark and professionals built the


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