Planning Holodomor in Gaza?

“October 24, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – Nazareth – Six and a half years go, shortly after Hamas won the Palestinian national elections and took charge of Gaza, a senior Israeli official described Israel’s planned response. “The idea,” he said, “is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.”

Although Dov Weisglass was adviser to Ehud Olmert, the prime minister of the day, few observers treated his comment as more than hyperbole, a supposedly droll characterisation of the blockade Israel was about to impose on the tiny enclave.

Last week, however, the evidence finally emerged to prove that this did indeed become Israeli policy. After a three-year legal battle by an Israeli human rights group, Israel was forced to disclose its so-called “Red Lines” document. Drafted in early 2008, as the blockade was tightened still further, the defence ministry paper set forth proposals on how to treat Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Health officials provided calculations of the minimum number of calories needed by Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants to avoid malnutrition. Those figures were then translated into truckloads of food Israel was supposed to allow in each day.”



This is very, very, very, very disturbing.

Yes, the Israeli plan provides a minimum number of calories. It’s like slipping a noose around someone’s neck and saying “don’t worry, I’ll give you a chair to stand on.” They’ve established a system through which Palestinians are a pen-stroke away from an artificial famine.

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  1. Banderiwets

    Дурний мудак, українці не мають нічого спільного з палестинцями. Ми не терористи. Росіяни, як палестинців, ховаються за мирних жителів. Ізраїль може навчити Україну про тероризм. Просто тому що деякі євреї ненавидять націоналізм, не означає, що ми повинні бути в союзі з терористами. Україна та Ізраїль повинні бути союзниками. У Львові всі підтримують Ізраїль проти палестинських терористів. Якщо підтримуєш Палестину, підтримуєш москалів. Бандера і Петлюра підтримали Ізраїль.
    Палестинці безумовно не голодують.
    Ожиріння у Палестині:

    1. Roman

      It’s pretty terrifying when politicians from a hostile country are having conversations about what food stuffs will be allowed into your society.

      1. Banderiwets

        Maybe, Israelis just don’t want to reward terrorists firing rockets at their homes more tons of food.
        Your precious Palestinians “suffering”.

        Ukrainians and Palestinians have absolutely nothing in common. We have more in common with the Israelis, defending our land from terrorists. It seems you have repressed rage towards Jews- you hated it when Israelis helped the freedom-fighters on Maidan, and now you’re picking sides with Russia’s allies in the Middle East just to spite the Jews. A lot of pro-German Nazis pretending to be Banderiwtsi will try to make the patriotic movements in Ukraine hostile towards Jews when it’s a known fact that Jews fought in the UPA.

        The Israeli public supported Ukrainians at Maidan, so we should support them in their latest operation against terrorism.

        Muslims are currently invading Europe, and will come to Ukraine too if we let the EU dictate our immigration policy.
        (Unfortunately it’s in moskalsky).

        I don’t understand what about Jews that bothers you so much. I think it’s annoying how seemingly everyone is an “anti-Semite”, “racist”, etc. these days according to leftists. But if you actually do resent Jews then it’s genuine and not just whining.
        Also no one who supports Georgia can also support Palestine, it’s just nonsensical and the vast majority of the Georgian population is strongly pro-Israel. And linking to Palestinian propaganda which probably also supports Putin severely reduces your credibility.

        1. Roman

          Your arguments are very dishonest.

          Ukrainians and Palestinians have nothing common – so what?
          Israeli public supported Ukrainians – great.
          Muslims currently invading Europe – separate issue.
          What about Jews bothers me so much – Right. :) Have you managed stopped raping little children?
          No one who supports Georgia can also support Palestine – Seriously? This is the rhetorical equivalent of a panicked octopus spraying a cloud of ink.

          My point: A foreign, hostile government controlling the caloric intake and food selection of a population is barbaric, sadistic and reminiscent of the Soviet Union’s policy of using famine as a weapon.

          All the verbalism, distraction, and reframing in the world isn’t going to change that.

          1. Banderiwets

            Raping children- what the hell is that supposed to mean? Your insults are so random and pathetic they don’t even make sense. Please try to learn better English as well- you could’ve just replied to me in Ukrainian because you wouldn’t embarrass yourself. You completely ignored my point about obesity that your poor, oppressed, precious Palestinians are experiencing. Israeli tax dollars are going to Palestinian food programs, and they just want to cut back on the amount because Israel doesn’t have all the money in the world to spend. And you have no right to deny Jews involvement in Ukrainian patriotic movements. Three Jews, one of them a prominent community member here in Lviv, were shot dead by cowardly Berkut sniper scum working for the occupying moskali. So three Jews took bullets to their heads for Ukraine and that’s not enough for you. You are desperate to prove that we aren’t Nazis but then you immediately try to exclude Jews from Ukrainian patriotic movements and don’t want Ukrainians to be seen dead having (*UKRAINIAN*) Jews helping us- for what, in order to look good for some Nazi circles to which you want to belong so desperately? And the same sites that you get your “Palestine” crap from is usually known for spewing Russian propaganda as well.

            Palestinian propaganda is not to be trusted because all Islamic propaganda is based on “Taqiyya”- which is a provision in the Quran encouraging lying to the public in order to advance the cause of Islam.

            1. Roman

              Maidan is a separate issue.

              I am not passing judgement on all Jews. I’m saying that when politicians from a hostile government control a societies food supply, it is sadistic, scary, and reminiscent of Holodomor.

              You seem unable to acknowledge this.

              Another parallel of Holodomor is the publication in Israel of stories like this one:

              Are you going to acknowledge it, or are you going to continue with dishonest distractions, attempts at re-framing the issue?

            2. Roman

              ps – What do you mean “that’s not enough for you.” ???

              You make such dishonest, manipulative arguments. You’re suggesting that because Jewish people have sacrificed for a good cause in one place, we should ignore/allow/praise ouright oppression by Jews in another place.

              I am not making a larger statement all all Jews here. I am criticizing a sadistic, brutal, cynical oppression.

              You should criticize it too. You just embrace rationality and truth, instead of constructing these elaborate distractions from the subject of this post.

  2. Banderiwets

    By “it’s not enough” I meant that you were denying Jewish involvement in Maidan when Yarosh was discussing it but you seemed to be unhappy about it. I criticize Israel’s involvement in Ukrainian politics all the time, as I don’t like how they deal with so-called “anti-Semitism”. On the other hand I find the Palestinian “struggle” to be an Islamic terrorist movement to establish an illegitimate terrorist state in the name of Islam, so no, I’m not going to support them. The reason so many of them die in conflict is because they are human shields just like civilians in moskal-controlled Donbas.

    1. Roman

      If you look through my posts, I think I was initially skeptical of Israeli involvement — that Mossad was using Ukraine as a foil in its rivalry with the Kremlin — but then pleased to see genuine Jewish involvement. That’s pretty much how I feel. I posted about the 3 KIA from Jewish families.

      1. Banderiwets

        That’s relieving to know, and I apologize for my harsh comments earlier. However, I still stand by my comments about Palestine being an illegitimate state.

        1. beauregard

          You are correct in Roman’s lack of understanding of who the Palestinian terrorist are.

          Understand that Roman has his own opinions some of which fly in the face of facts.

          1. Banderiwets

            I think unfortunately that’s a lot of people, because leftists across Europe let the Muslims in to form a voting bloc, and then of course are going to go around spewing their propaganda for them. In Lviv people here know about the conflict and aren’t tainted by Islamic propaganda- although a large portion doesn’t really care one way or another.

          2. Roman

            I resent your implication that I am naive about this issue. I have looked VERY deeply into it, so you’re not going to scare me away with slogans and accusations of antisemitism. I became obsessed with the issue after I learned how much of my tax dollars were going to Israel ($5+ Billion a year), after the conclusion of 9/11 Commission Report that blind support for Israel inspires terrorism, and after I returned from the war in Iraq full of questions about why I had just risked my life. I’ve done my homework.

            I met Anna Baltzer of several times. She is a Jew courageous enough to condemn the massive, deliberate, sadistic oppression of Palestinians.

            I also visited Israel & Palestine myself in 2006:, and got a good whiff of oppression. I have no desire to go back. There is poison all over that society. They need to solve the tension. Part of that means reigning in the settlers who openly advocate the destruction of the Dome on the Rock and the expulsion of ALL Palestinians. O.P.E.N.L.Y. A.D.V.O.C.A.T.E. ethnic cleansing. Why can’t people address this without facing hysterical accusations and criticism?

            Instead of “tell the truth,” it is “say whatever we must.” Very far from Europe. I’m sorry if this offends you, but I earned my opinions. Look through my article if you want to know my impressions.

  3. beauregard


    Roman seems to grasp that it is outsiders at the core of
    turmoil in Eastern Ukraine.

    Demonstrate that it is not true Palestinians causing turmoil
    in Gaza rather it is outsiders making the rockets launched into Israel.

    In Israel itself, Palestinians are treated fairly and
    even serve in Israeli army.

    the two bases of conflict are a twisted religion and
    anti Jewish dogma.

    The anti Semitisms was started by the Inquisition.

    The recent revival of anti Semitism was promulgated
    by Nazi propaganda.

    The Nazi propaganda was inculcated into local politics
    in the Ottoman empire and has remained since.

    Seek the truth…

    1. Banderiwets

      But clearly the many people still reject this bullshit, because there was a pretty noticeable Pro-Israel even in Dnipropetrovsk, with most of the people there being Ukrainian-speakers and probably, nationalists, even though Dnipropetrovsk is (unfortunately) Russian-speaking.

  4. Beauregard

    Banderiwets said, “people still reject this bullshit”.

    Read the old emails to this website about history of
    Ukraine. A significant part of Ukrainian history is

    There is history involved. Who said that those who do
    not know history are destined to repeat it?

    It matters not what language humans speak, Putin’s
    argument is based on trivial.

    Again, search pre WWII propaganda about lies about
    Jews in general and especially middle east.

    Understand the middle east and how much is based on
    two historical elements:

    then after work on your part, listen to this:

    Learn to make comments based on truth.
    the Inquisition and Nazi propaganda.


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