Curt on Intervention

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If we wish to extend property rights to others we must always intervene, else when we need intervention ourselves, no one is likewise obligated to intervene on our behalf.

No man is an island. Britain, North America, and Australia temporarily can act as islands due to luck of geography, and the diasporic peoples can always run to hide in another ‘tent’. But as a general rule – a theory of human action, we cannot take exceptions and under the pretense of rules.

The question is not whether we intervene, but whether our intervention increases property rights, and whether those we assist in obtaining property rights enter into a contract for mutual defense of property rights.

There exist no other circumstances under which property rights can be brought into existence by human action, other than by contractual exchange. and there exist no opportunities to bring them into existence other than offers of intervention. Because offers of intervention constitute offers of reciprocal contract.

Aristocracy expanded to the lower classes by adopting the price of entry: reciprocal defense of property. And that is the only means by which liberty has ever, and shall ever, be obtained.

Liberty cannot be had at a discount. One pays for it, or one seeks to obtain it by fraud. Period.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute

5 thoughts on “Curt on Intervention

  1. Beauregard

    Theoretical discussions do not provide fuel for heat
    and cooking in Ukraine. Where are plans to provide
    electricity when no natural gas or coal is available?

    Recall history and the Russian winters setting the agenda.

    Lviv is not Eastern Ukraine, nor even Kyiv.

    You guys foment lust of Europe, but forget the steppes history.

    Go back and read the scribing of Pylyp Orlyk and others who
    documented that earlier time.

    Take your talk of freedom and property rights and ask how
    they keep the Cossacks warm. How they stop the invasion of
    the horde in winter?

    Where are the plans etched onto paper to be studied and
    acted upon?

    I believe a type of oil lamp was invented in Lviv? Where is
    the light for tomorrow to come from?

    Where? Where? Think Where?

    1. walt

      any links to the Lviv lamp?

      By the way oil lamp was next on my search agenda.

      Did you know that greese from a frying pan puts of alot of heat in a rocket stove. A rocket stove has it’s wood feed from the top and the suction of the airflow goes down , like in a sink drain and then instead of making a90 degree turn down as in water drain , the rocket stove then naturally goes up a stove pipe. So it is reasonably safe to pour limited amounts of fats down the (drain) stove and burn it off. The heat must allready be high in order burn of all the fat and not have it condense on the stove pipe a few feet later.

  2. Beauregard

    It was asked:
    December 8th, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    any links to the Lviv lamp?

    I had pictures of it. It is on display in old store.
    I cannot post the pictures hereon.

    Your suggestions are a good beginning, but not real answers.

    When looking for answers, remember Genghis Khan, Lenin,
    Stalin and now Putin.

    Those who do not think about tomorrow are doomed… It has been
    demonstrated that Putin and his FSB have been thinking about
    tomorrow. What have they thought of?

    Remember concepts such as Black Swans and Unknown Unknowns.

    Grasp that your ability to think separates you from
    the Monkey in Moscow.
    ——————————– // ———————

    Taleb states that a black swan event depends on the
    observer. For example, what may be a black swan
    surprise for a turkey is not a black swan surprise to
    its butcher; hence the objective should be to “avoid
    being the turkey” by identifying areas of vulnerability
    in order to “turn the Black Swans white”.

    ———————- // —————————–

    ————————- // ———————

    In conclusion:

    Marxist Theory and Communist Reality Come Face to Face in Ukraine

    “A Marxist theorist and Communist realist are head to
    head in the battle for the once Soviet controlled Ukraine.
    When this is over, one leader will triumph, another
    skulk away. The differences between Vladimir Putin and
    Barack Obama and their ability to lead will be more
    blatantly obvious as this crisis wears on.”

    “With the advance of Russian troops on sovereign soil
    of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has shown his cards and is
    positioning himself to be the premier world leader in
    this struggle for Ukraine. Did anyone doubt that he would
    take this step as the riots put a strain on the Ukrainian
    people, military and law enforcement?”

    ———————- // —————–



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