Curt on The Militia


Ukraine made a militia out of ad hoc barricades, old tires, molotovs, custom made armor, surplus helmets and construction gear.

Large groups of Ukrainians are patrolling the streets for troublemakers. The police are just ‘gone’. Invisible. They are wearing soviet era helmets, makeshift armor, and carrying baseball bats and lengths of pipe.

No bravado. Just doing it.

If every able bodied (and sane) man (and woman) is armed, and trained, then your government cannot oppress you. If your government does not want every able bodied (and sane) man (and woman) armed and trained, then you have to wonder why they would fear such a thing. If you aren’t willing to commit yourself to being armed and trained (if sane) then you cannot possibly claim that you have earned your property rights. ‘Cause you haven’t. You’re a parasite on the commitment, risk and effort of others.

Pacifist libertarianism is just an excuse for free riding: parasitism.

If you don’t have a militia, you don’t have freedom.

You merely have permission.


I’m sure I’m not the only Ukrainian dizzy with pride right now. :)