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See Roman’s article on VDare. It was hard to get US attention. It took work. Nobody cares about Ukraine. Really.

BUT: you gotta understand this. And this is hard for some people to grasp. But the entire IDENTITY of the west is predicated on their superiority in human rights. Their claim of legitimacy is predicated upon it. The US’s argument in favor of its use of POWER is predicated upon it.

So, when you take a bunch of peaceful white folk, and shoot them, this is not so much a question of Ukraine. It’s a question of ‘religious devotion’ on the part of westerners.

I have spent a long time trying to demonstrate the connection between economics and morality – that they’re the same. But that while humans are universally acquisitive, they are MORE universally MORAL than acquisitive.

And that is an evolutionary necessity.

So, shooting protesters is the far more serious an offense to secular christianity that we call democratic socialism, than drawing comics of Muhammed as a goat-f_cker.


No one is pulling strings. Ukrainians ASKED for help in replacing their government so that they can escape corruption-induced poverty.

Ukraine has been NATO’d already. Because the Ukrainian troops TRAIN with nato troops. That is why Ukrianian soldiers understand the concept of “Illegal Order”, and won’t fire on their own people.


What ukraine needs is to be free of soviet era corruption. Europe is JUST A TOOL for that.

Ask Roman Skaskiw, not me. He’s right. I’m just saying what CAN and WILL happen, not what SHOULD happen.

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  1. Mary

    Are you aware that we in the US are also victims of corruptin induced poverty? You also seem to have drunk the “libertarians are proponents of liberty” kool-aid, libertarianism is a fascist construct, based on the desire to disrtort the concept of rights, to something one sided.. where one’s power and wealth gives them the right trample the rights of others. The followers of Ayn Rand are delusional, they swallowed not only Rand’s egotism and selfishness, but her feudalistic ideology as well. Odd that Randbots lack the ability to grasp that Rand and Marx were both rationalising the same vile, parasitic outcome, for the same reasons.

    As an American, over the years I’ve come to realise the EU is a fascistic entity, that seeks to deprive the various peoples of Europe and the UK of their rights and freedoms. I’m aware that the Ukrainian and other Eastern European people are struggling, but you need to understand that the expectation for the US citizenry to keep sacrificing for your and other people is wrong, and as selish and self serving as those you view as your people’s enemies. The people of the US are struggling and suffering, our ciountry is being destroyed by a Marxist whore, who is bleeding our country dry, destroying our lives trying to reduce us to what you claim you wish to free your country from. My people have spent the last century over and over trying to save people from the disease of Marxism, and our tolerance has allowed those that seek to spread that disease into our own nation, to our detriment. What’s more, those same people, while viewing us with contempt constantly demand we give them money. Your people are going to have to sacrifice and save yourselves for a change.

    1. Roman

      Mary, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure you’re aware of my feelings about the EU and about Ukrainians asking for help instead of solving their own problems.

      Please read this earlier post if you have a moment:

      btw — I’m also not a fan of Rand. I agree that her libertarianism is a “distortion” of rights which conservatives intuit correctly, though they can’t articulate why. :)


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