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  1. Beauregard

    What is just? All is not equal. Maybe our host could get some
    university to study the following topic in Ukraine and of Ukrainian
    diaspora. The problem in diaspora is identification. As pointed
    out in posts on this forum, who is Ukrainian is a fuzzy subject.
    Do you include the Swedish village? The Mennonite farming
    communities? The Ruthinians? Which group of Slavic peoples?
    The Greeks? The Turgic tribes?

    Anyway here is article in question:

    The genetic advantage of the (other) 1 percenters

    “The science suggests that we are not born blank slates,
    however much we wish it were otherwise
    by Anjana Ahuja

    “Society has various names for them:
    the 1 per cent, the outliers, the geniuses, the super-smart
    and the gifted and talented. They are the kids who impressively
    outperform their peers in school tests.

    “… evidence showing that those who succeed are made not
    born, it suggests the upper tiers of society are stuffed with
    achievers who were born then made. This points to success
    as the result of hard work built on a nugget of early cognitive

    “Mr Wai argues that environment alone cannot account for
    the statistics on success; that is why he suggests that experts
    are “born, then made”.

    “The dilemma for politicians, and society, is this:
    the science suggests that we are not born blank slates and,
    however much we wish it were otherwise, giftedness and talent
    do not seem to be equally apportioned.


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