New Stalin Monument (in Siberia) Gets Drenched in Red Paint a Day After Going Up

A monument to the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin recently erected in the Siberian town of Surgut has been vandalized the day after it was unveiled.

Protesters threw red paint on the statue to mimic the appearance of blood. The monument was originally installed by a local civic group, who bought the bust of Stalin in an antique shop in Yekaterinburg and raised 150,000 rubles ($2,300) to finance its installation.

2 thoughts on “New Stalin Monument (in Siberia) Gets Drenched in Red Paint a Day After Going Up

  1. Beauregard

    Ukrainians need to grasp what Putin is doing. Grasp
    that he sees himself as Lenin and Stalin. He wants to
    recreate Imperial Russia.

    Understanding Putin 9-21-2016 and the world we live in…

    Putin wants his adversaries to believe he is a leader who
    cannot be deterred from his destiny.

    In destroying the humanitarian convoy, Putin has simply
    reinforced his longstanding message to the West.

    This was pure Putin: deliberate and brutal application of
    force in the service of a long-term strategy.

    Russia is employing its familiar disinformation strategy to
    deny responsibility. These denials will cool or distract some
    of the international public anger against him.

    Putin also predicts that two developments will now follow.
    First, the U.S. won’t provide evidence of Russian culpability.
    Second, the U.S. will continue dancing Russia’s diplomatic
    waltz by redeploying John Kerry into another round of
    pointless negotiations.

    —- // —-

  2. RomanInUkraine Post author

    I think Ukrainians understand this very well. Most of us, anyway.

    Yesterday an acquaintance told me there’s an emerging trend in Ukraine of Russian speaking parents teaching their children Ukrainian.


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