One thought on “Efforts to reconcile Jewish and Ukrainian People by Olga Kaczmar, 2005

  1. Ed K

    This was a very good article.

    When will you be publishing your version?


    “Behold, the fruits of liberalism. What idiots Westerners
    are for letting the Muslims in by the millions. The culture
    and traditions of Islam has no place in it for Democratic
    institutions, liberty, and the traditional culture of others.

    True Islam only provides three alternatives for all those
    it comes into contact with; conversion, submission, or

    “The reality is far darker than any like to admit. Of course,
    not every Muslim is a threat, and not every threat comes
    from a Muslim.

    But the religion itself was born in a flood of blood and
    conquest by the sword against all “infidels.”

    Such beliefs are as much at the heart of the religion as
    “love your neighbor as yourself” and the Ten
    Commandments are to Christianity. Islam has waged
    unceasing war against the West since its founding in
    the seventh century and it continues to this day.

    By: Dave the Sage


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