Four Monument Controversies

1) Polish town tears down statue marking the rape of millions of German women by Russian soldiers. (more)

2) Tearing down the Lenin statue in L’viv, 1991:


3) Jewish groups in Vienna want to remove Ivan Franko memorial because of his anti-semitic writing. (more)

4) Yuri Kulchitsky monument installed in L’viv. (more)

Yuri Kulchitsky, if I understand correctly, was the Kozak from L’viv oblast who, after military victory, brought Turkish coffee to Vienna. The monument stirred some controvery. It was explained to me that the initiative to plan, finance and install the monument didn’t pay homage to the right bureaucrats in the city administration, and they’re now defending their bureaucratic turf by trying to organize a protest. Their message concerned the monument’s ugliness and its backers insufficiently consulting “the people.”