Male Novelist Jokes???

Here‘s a big load of WTF.

Living in the US, I’d feel saddened by this rehash of class warfare. Open hostility toward straight white men. But living in Ukraine, it seems trite and extraordinarily unimportant.

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  1. Ed K

    Freedom is never easy to maintain.

    There have been ups and downs since the magna carter

    At least in USA there have been more ups than downs.

    What is Ukraine’s track record?

    Freedom and Free Markets are a burden. Too many endeavor
    to enslave others for their aggrandizement. Some political
    systems seek to control markets because they believe in
    illusive social goals. Understanding freedom is a worthy
    endeavor. Teaching others to understand freedom is the
    mountain to climb, the burden to carry up that mountain.

    A few accept the challenges of leadership. Few understand
    the nature of the challenges they face.

  2. Ed K

    It was said, “Ukraine has better cultural integrity. There’s no suicidal immigration policy.”

    Recent news reported that Ukraine sold about 5% of its farm land to China. That China was going to improve that 5% with equipment and technology.

    Nowhere did it say that Ukrainians were going to be the farmers. Just wait. Ukraine will get 50,000 farmer next year. They will all be Chinese.

    Then will we get reports another 5% of Ukraine sold to productive Chinese, only to be followed by another 50, 000 Chinese farmers.

    How long before Ukraine has significant Chinese population?

    See where this is going.

    So much for your “no suicidal immigration policy”.

    Who has posted such to Ukrainian web sites? Letters to editors? Spoken out at public meetings, church meetings, yada yada…

    ——————- // ——————-

    So you are working on it?


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