General Patton on Russia

General George S. Patton:

“The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinaman or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk.”

Statement by Patton on 8 August 1945, as quoted in “General Patton : A Soldier’s Life” (2002) by Stanley P. Hirshson, p. 650


Also, as I posted earlier, he wanted to take Moscow in 1945 and free the rest of Europe. That’s why they assassinated him.

“I understand the situation. Their (the Soviet) supply system is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as I could put to them. They have chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof — that’s their supply system. They could probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting I could give them for five days. After that it would make no difference how many million men they have, and if you wanted Moscow I could give it to you. They lived on the land coming down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain themselves going back. Let’s not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then . . . we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!” — Patton. Prior to his assassination by the Soviets.



(Just to be clear, I condemn Patton’s racism against Asians. Those were different times. His general impression is relevant.)