Hillary and Russia

Hillary and Russia

From a friend of mine:

1.She said in a 2010 interview that her goal is to make Russia stronger.
“One of the fears I hear from Russians is that somehow the U.S. wants Russia to be weak. That could not be farther from the truth. Our goal is to help strengthen Russia.” Not even Trump said something so idiotic.

2.She claimed in 2014 that “the reset worked,” even after the occupation of Crimea and Donbas !!!


She also called the reset “a brilliant stroke” in another interview that year.


3.She organized a transfer of secret and sensitive American technology as part of the Skolkovo “Silicon Valley project” between 2009 and 2012 that helped her raise funds for her political warchest (oh, I mean “charity”) from key Putin insiders. She also raised money from Americans in order for Russians to develop military technology at Skolkovo, some of which might be used against Ukrainians themselves.


4.She preferred to expose her classified e-mails to America’s enemies, including the Russians, on an unsecured server rather than risk them being exposed to the very American people that she was supposed to serve, which is the epitome of treason because she cares more about her political prospects than the security of her nation.


5.A Russian investment bank paid BIll Clinton personally a half-million dollar speaker’s fee to grease the skids for a Canadian company to get State Department approval for a uranium deal involving Russia. The Clintons essentially prostituted the State Department during the time Hillary was Secretary of State.



  1. walt

    Insane political leaders are voted in by insane people, and people thought having a good economy and fun, fun, fun, was not going to corrode the society. It has happened a few times before. A expanded economy that pervades most all aspects of life, like an intrusive government, corrupts the people. Efficiency and specialization does not come without a cost.

  2. Beauregard

    Ah! posting is working again.

    The missing post was reply about Trump’s issues with media
    especially from interview about Ukraine with Stenopolus [sp].

    If you listen to Trump in interview and Stenopolus you see Senopoplus
    trying to put words into Trumps statements that are not there.

    Then and I did not keep Url was main stream media comments on interview.

    The comments were one misstatement after another of Trumps answers.
    They were outright lies and wrong. They were obviously trying to destroy Trump.

    If you listen to Trump you find reasoned answers. And his answers allow for
    him to modify his positions.

    The long knives are after Trump!

  3. walt

    Here are some articles from Russia Insider about Hillary; title followed by link.
    Oh, and you could guess that the articles about Trump are all positive.

    Hillary Clinton: A Globalist Threat To All Humanity (Video)

    Hillary Is in Deep Trouble – (And That is Good News for Russia)

    Rotten Hillary Says Trump Is the Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate Ever

    It’s Simple: Vote Trump If For Peace, Vote Hillary If For War

    The Fear of Hillary’s Foreign Policy

    Top Russian Church Exorcist: Hillary Shows ‘Clear Signs’ of Demonic Possession (Video)


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