1. Ed K


    Understand that the guys on roofs shooting sniper rifles are ruthless killers!

    You are more important alive!

    And get Andriy’s ass out of Kiev. He has responsibilities to feed family!

    It does his wife no good if she sees them dragging is dead ass off street!

    Need to send armed and trained commandos to get those guys. Since
    Roman is not married and has training, maybe find him good and
    accurate weapon and Kevlar vest and send him up.

    Understand that the guys on roofs and upper windows are killing people! Killing good people!

    Maybe get a drone? Or Blackhawk gun ship?

  2. Ed K

    In his twitter posts, Roman said, “I want to see a guy with a motorcycle
    helmet and an axe handle on Ukrainian money.”

    Roman preaching heresy? Wanting fiat money?

    It is amazing what a guy will say after sleep deprivation…

    Andriy needs to take over in Lviv and put Roman in bed …

      1. Ed K

        I hope it is a very large sized lady who can sit on both you and Andriy
        to keep you two in office and productive. What happened to productivity?
        Some fire and both of you guys act like little kids at sound of fire truck.
        Have you two considered just joining fire department or is applicants
        line too long?


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