The Story Behind the Crucified Birds

Yanukovych was in prison several times including in his yough for petty crime. There is a story among prisoners that birds of prey represent law and justice. This is also a story that Yanukovych was extremely superstitious, especially after some Hutsul shaman predicted his death several years ago. So some people are saying that the crucified birds were Yanukovych’s attempt to exorcise that curse.

Edit: A much less fun possibility is that this is a normal procedure for drying game.

6 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Crucified Birds

  1. Ed K

    There seems to be fantasy and misinformation around. I saw old information about Yanukovich saying that he raised pigeons for a hobby. Pigeon raising and racing are common hobbies to city dwellers who raise the birds on the roof tops. So, I question the comments. He may be corrupt but I have seen no indications of deep evil. He is well educated and has track record of competent administration until lately.

    1. Roman

      Great comment. Thank you for the insight. But is there a prescedent that people who raise pigeons display killed birds of prey in that grotesque way? Makes sense that they don’t *like* birds of prey, but is there a practical use for displaying their corpses?

      1. Ed K

        When you believe rumors you believe the main stream media…

        How accurate in terms of truth was early main stream reporting what
        you have seen first hand?

        What was it that Thomas said?

        And did Christ dismiss him for skepticism?

        Seek the truth…

  2. elmer

    yanukonvikt is incredibly, boundlessly stupid

    he is also sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

    for the sake of his golden toilet and his golden bidet and his golden showerheads and his car collection and his bribes and his captive bear, he ordered the killing of protesters

    All of it could have been avoided.

    Why the hell would any property owner in his right mind have crucified birds on his property?????????

  3. Ed K


    Accusations are easy. Where is proof of ordering killing of protestors. Have you considered that it was ordered by Russian secret operatives?

    Having read history enough, I suspect a real Russian bear in mix.

    Other illustrations include postings to this site about St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.

    Ask questions about subtle interference from Putin. Remember he was trained in KGB.

    Publish pictures of gold fixtures, pet bear, and other evidence of extravagance. Publish proof and not photo shopped pictures.

    However, those guys doing killing, I suspect are trained to do that, so first find them and get story of who they are working for. First layer may be Ukrainian but who is pulling the strings?

    Evidence, Evidence, Real Evidence.

  4. elmer

    The operations had the code name “Wave” and “Boomerang.” Their goal was to disperse the mass protests and capture the protesters’ headquarters in the House of Trade Unions on Kyiv’s Independence Square.

    The documents show that the snipers on Instytutska Street near Ukraine’s government district were special units of Interior Ministry troops, led by a colonel and soliders with a special Omega unit. According to the documents, former Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko gave the order to use weapons to the Sokil unit, the main department of combating organized crimes.

    According to the documents, the former first deputy of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia stayed at the Kyiv Hotel and helped with preparations, getting paid by the Security Services of Ukraine. Russian officials could not immediately be reached for comment.


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