Nov 1st Visit to Cemetery in Horodok

I went to Horodok on Friday to light candles by the graves of relatives, including my great grand-father Theodore Stec, who on his deathbed was still hoping to learn the fate of his son (my grandfather) and two grand daughters (including my mother) who had fled into the chaos of war-torn Europe to escape the Bolsheviks. “If he could have imagined that you’d be here,” my aunt said as I struggled with the matches.

Its a Nov 1st tradition apparently to light candles for the departed. The whole cemetery shimmered with candle light.

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Also, a gigantic rabbit:

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One thought on “Nov 1st Visit to Cemetery in Horodok

  1. Ed K

    Heritage yes, but where is your grandfather buried? Your father?

    Ironically and by accident I found a relative in Ukraine who
    knew that my Ukrainian heritage was not western Ukraine
    but east of Diepro River, albeit, over 150 years ago.

    At the time my ancestor escaped the left bank it was Czarist
    Russia. Somehow he appeared in a Ukrainian village in what
    is now Poland and mere 35 km from Lviv.

    He could not have gone by river, they flow in wrong directions.
    I find no railroads across Ukraine at that time. How did he do
    it? Why did he do it? Did he even have shoes?

    Lust for freedom?
    ————————– // ————————-


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