People Fight With Pro-Russian Separatists in Luhansk

This is a city of about a half million. There are only dozens of people involved in this clash.

Seems the people chased away the separatists.


2 thoughts on “People Fight With Pro-Russian Separatists in Luhansk

  1. walt

    We need to find a more accurate word then” separatists” to describe these anti-Ukrainian, anti-western, anti-freedom, totatlitarian, criminal, hypocrital thugs. Tituski was a good label that at least in the slavic word had brand name recognition and had a sense of accurate labeling for the anti-maidan thugs. “Separatist” gives them a false label of authenticy.

    They are hypocritacal in that once in the russsian federation they would ban the slightest thought of separatism. They are ironically also anti-Russian in the sense that Russians in Ukraine have much more freedom then Russians in Russia. Russians in a free Ukraine would also live better than behind the iron curtain, even with all their natural resources.

    “Iron Curtain” wananbe’s


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