1. Beauregard

    Something for Walt to chew on:


    ——————— // ———————-

    Making right choices in gray areas is difficult. To be
    aware of the dilemma is not enough. There needs
    to be a moral sensitivity which remembers to ask the
    right questions at the right time. To know what is
    good is not enough. There is a difference between
    waking up and getting up. There must be specific
    decision for the right. To be sensitive and aware is
    good. To make proper decisions is better. The way
    of victory is to maintain a moral stamina which continues.
    Paraphrase of Bryan Crenshaw

    1. walt

      Whether in humor or drama. the key is irony. The movie Leviathon is an unbelievable irony, in that it was ruSSian state approved 4 years ago, and now won international acclaim and is now going to be banned in ruSSia.

      Any thoughts on Alexandrs Motyl’s World Huffington Post artcle stating Svoboda and Azov battalion are extremist groups?

      1. Beaurgard

        Motyl’s comments do not reflect those I know associated
        with Ukraine. Nor will my contacts comment in any
        printed matter about him!

        In my opinion they are happy to have him when he reflects
        some of their views, but understand he is associated with
        left wing academic media.

        Roman might know some better informed about him from St. George’s.

        My sources reflect independent orthodox who refuse to get
        tied into specific groups who they do not fully trust. My
        sources also reflect Ukrainian heritage people who refer to
        themselves as ‘Christian’ but they are neither Greek Catholic
        of Roman Catholic affiliation nor any of the three Orthodox
        groups. One example is Ukrainian Pentecostals.

        1. walt

          Thank you for that response. I read Motyl’s World Affairs journal often. I would not have suspected him of being “left wing academic media” type until he published in Huffington Post. Although, I will have to research his views more.

          As I mentioned here before, Right Sector and Svoboda had a march together recently.
          Azov does seem to have some more radical elements and they seem to have some goverment support.

          There was a article recently stating that Russian non- Orthodox Christians in ruSSia, still tend to support Putin even though they were persecuted by the soviet union. I suspect Ukrainian non;Orthodox Christians are supportive of Ukraine. Although, I knew a Ukrainian Jehowah’s witness and he niether supported russian of Ukrainian causes.


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