Scythians and Sarmatians of ancient Ukraine (7 BC – 4 AD)


From the Youtube Video:

“Scythians and Sarmatians were Iranic speaking tribes from ancient Ukraine (7 BC – 4 AD). They inhabited mainly southern Ukraine (Ukrainian steppe, Crimean peninsula, basins of Dniester and Dnieper valleys). Initially nomadic tribes, in later period some settled. The direct offsprings of them are Jassic (Jasz, Jaszsag) people of north Hungary (from Jazygia), ancient Croats of west Ukraine (of upper and middle Dniester) have also absorbed some Sarmatian groups. Ossetians (Republic of Ossetia-Alania in the north Caucasus) are descendents of western Sarmatian tribes and still speak Iranic language there. Jasses (Jazygs) got assimilated by Hungarians and lost their Iranic tongue. The usage of “h” instead of “g” in Ukrainian is also Scytho-Sarmatian remnant. The city of Jassy in Romania comes from Jasses (Jazygs), a big Sarmatian tribe. Even name Scotland comes from Scyths, as legend says Scots migrated from Scythia, that is Ukraine.”