Sorry, Comrade, But You Didn’t Just Discover The Secret To Making Communism Work

“Over the weekend, Jesse Myerson, a twenty-something former Occupy organizer, finally stumbled upon a foolproof recipe for success for today’s struggling Millennials. The recipe? Communism, naturally.”

Ugh. I don’t want to argue with these psychopaths anymore. Can’t we just split into two seperate countries?


  1. Ed K

    Recently this site has had several
    good postings by its proprietor however
    after the initial joy of following those
    postings disappointment sets in…

    The proprietor lead us to believe that
    he was writer. Writer of what, he only
    gave us inferences.

    He showed us a track record of a children’s
    book, co authorship of political analysis and
    several articles mostly on military experiences.

    However, now he begins to get gray about
    the ears with no production…

    He claims he is in his prime? His age
    suggests otherwise. And even more
    disappointing is nothing, nothing,
    nothing, by his hand.

    Dreams about his ancestral homeland,
    postings on computer web sites, just
    wisps in forest.

    It is disappointing to realize we were
    misled. And by a Ukrainian carnival hawker.

    Yes, Mr. Barnum, we were taken…


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