The American Conservative split over Ukraine.

Conservative European perspective on Tucker/Heritage/CPAC

Had Tucker Carlson, CPAC and Heritage Foundation wanted to partner up with a new democratic Eastern European country devoted to conservative principles that was successful and very pro-American they could have picked Poland (one of our strongest – if not strongest – allies). Instead they picked Hungary – economically struggling and with a close relationship to Russia. The dark horse in Europe.
Was that decision to go with Hungary and promote Viktor Orban based of the work of Tucker’s father? Did Heritage decide to go seek a Hungarian institute to team with or did the idea come to them?
I fear that my party has been led down a rocky road that ends up going over a cliff. Time to change direction. #ViktorOrban #TuckerCarlson #HeritageFloundation #CPAC

Heritage, it seems, did an especially hard pivot, and is in a feud with one of their former members:

Why Heritage Foundation Flipped to be Pro-Russia
The #HeritageFoundation as late as October 2022 was taking an aggressively pro-Ulkrainian stance. “In the months leading up to the vote on the Ukraine aid bill, Heritage’s policy experts argued in favor of an aggressive American role in the conflict, including huge amounts of aid.” NYT, May 27, 2023.
In March 2023, @Heritage
made a deal with the Danube Institute, owned by the Hungarian Government, i.e. Viktor Orban. Did they receive funding from Hungary? What exactly changed hands?

Heritage Foundation and Danube Institute Sign Landmark Cooperation Agreement

After that date, #HeritageFoundation completely flips its position on Ukraine, actually opposing U.S. aid. “Jessica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage’s lobbying operation, released a searing statement — its headline blaring “Ukraine Aid Package Puts America Last” — that framed the measure as reckless and ill-considered.” NYT, May 27, 2023. Then comes the Heritage ad buy in August 2023.
What communications did they have on this with the Hungarian Government through the Danube Institute or otherwise?
Orban has been an unspoken supporter of Russia in the Ukraine war, repeating many common Kremlin propaganda lines. It seems to be no coincidence that @Heritage
has now picked up many of the same themes. This is especially suspicious since Heritage did not change its defense policy chief adviser. He was bypassed on the op ed and ad buy. Did Heritage staff from Hungary participate in the Ukraine material?

Heritage’s Top Defense Expert to Exit over Ukraine Stance

Hungary is accused of supporting Russia and opposes sanctions of Russia. Does Orban have financial connections to the Kremlin that may extend beyond his government’s energy dealings?

Hungary’s Orbán vows to maintain Russia ties

has flipped in position 180 degrees to echo many of Orban’s own comments. This is probably not a coincidence.
Heritage has briefed the Freedom Caucus (many of whose members voted to oppose vote) as well as Senator Hawley from Missouri and Governor Ron DeSantis, who based much of his position on Heritage briefings. Hawley has security clearances did he know of the connection to the Hungarian Government?

Is Heritage Foundation registered under FARA as an agent of the Hungarian Government? [on-line search foiund none].They have been advocating policies to US decision-makers. Do any of their staff have security clearances? Why was the Roberts’ op ed piece published without the normal internal review at Heritage? Did the Danube Institute review it in advance? The Hungarian Government?
and all Republicans should be running as far away from @Heritage
as possible, especially on Ukraine issues. This pattern of inside influencing is exactly the typical Russian game plan. Knowlingly staying involved with them after this connection is known is not a smart move and might be very seriously problematic.

Heritage Foundation and Danube Institute Sign Landmark Cooperation Agreement

For detailed description of the recent Heritage Ukraine position and its misleading contents: