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  1. Beauregard

    Great find.

    Here I am just 30 miles from Clemson and not familiar with this program there. The one guy that I knew who taught economics there is on leave of absence. I suspect that program has taken leftist twist with Dr. Blackwell’s absence.

  2. Beauregard

    2019 – What Is Socialism?
    By Allen Gindler


    Excerpt as follows:

    A precise description of any theoretical or institutionalized socialist ideology can be derived from the general definition because it incorporates the most important, distinctive factors of envisioned societies. Indeed, if we dial the knobs of the “socialization of property and consciousness, scale of economic planning, and wealth redistribution” to their maximum values, we will arrive at the essence of communism.

    That is:

    Communism is a man-made socio-economic system that embodies a lofty aspiration of people to achieve a just and prosperous society. It suggests a full socialization of private property, complete collectivization of consciousness, worldwide economic planning, and wealth redistribution according to any needs and imposed onto the community by the revolutionaries without the consent of the population.

    The generalized definition emphasizes the main paths to socialism that have been known since antiquity. Regardless of peculiarities of different flavors of socialism and an intraspecific struggle among various socialist currents, all of them are artificial creations that run contrary to the evolutionary process of societal development. Indeed, history shows that socialism has not occurred naturally, but instead was forced upon society by revolutionary elements. The implementation of socialistic ideas of different kinds by various nations has falsified the concept of socialism. Unfortunately, social experiments were conducted on living, unsuspecting people, accompanied by death and suffering of millions of innocent souls.

    Notwithstanding, unbridled maximalists negate numerous facts of the failed implementation of the socialist idea by the previous generations. They put the burden of the failures on the careless implementers of the past rather than on the futility of the undertaking because of the fallacy of the idea itself.

    The truth is, socialism is the dead end of the evolution of humanity. It has to be avoided at all costs.


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